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Design and Engineering Works

Design and Engineering Works

Design and Engineering Works

complete ships design hull and machinery systems, pipe lines, pressure vessel, electrical and control panels, hydraulic system, steel structures, GRB structure, timber and wood structure, speed and resistance calculations, load analysis calculations, pump selection and calculation, stability calculation, tonnage calculation, painting and Cathodic protection calculation, lighting and navigation light calculation, equipment and system selection as follows:

  • Design of hull construction, (steel, wood & GRP) according to classification society requirement.

  • Design & selection pipe lines, pump, and valves according to classification requirement.

  • Design for engines installation and stern gear system.

  • Design of electrical system A/C of DC, load Analysis, switch boards, electrical power calculation.

  • Design for ventilation & air condition system.

  • Design & selection for painting system, Cathode protection systems. 

  • Design & selection for navigation lights, search lights & navigation equipment.

  • Design of safety plan, fire plan & selection of safety equipment according SOLAS. 

  • Calculation of ship speed & power calculation.

  • Design & calculation of steering system.

  • Design of sprinkler systems.

  • Design of dewatering system. 

  • Design of crane, davit installation & SWL conditions and calculations.

  • Calculation of stability, (Intact & damage) & loading conditions.

  • Calculation of main engines and generators. repowering

  • Mooring systems design.

  • MODU code requirement operation booklet files and design. 

  • FEA structure design and upgrade in onshore and offshore units

  • Firefighting systems FF I & FF II

  • Court nozzle and thruster tube design

  • Electrical design and load analysis calculations

  • Insulation system design & selection.

  • ISPS survey, design, recommendation and issue the booklet

  • Mobile Offshore drilling units and jack up units’ design, modification, upgrade and repair 


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